You’re doing it wrong: surveys concerning the referendum which is to take place on 6th September

I recently came across the presentations of the results of the surveys concerning participation in the planned referenda published by the portal

My attention was caught by the diagram presented below which displays a distribution of answers to the question: “Are you going to vote in the referendum scheduled for 6th September?”

Circles and films from FilmWeb

I have been working recently on visualization of genetic data. In that field a popular method of presentation are circles generated by the circlize library. Turning a blind eye to the problem of reading information from circles I must say that the possibilities…

Transformations of variables, scales and coordinates in ggplot2

I am working on a short introduction to the Grammar of Graphics and its implementation in the ggplot2 package. Process of systematization of the elements of syntax reveals various ‘spices’ of ggplot2 and today I will talk about one of them, namely about application of transformations to diagrams.