Playing Atari with deep reinforcement learning –’s approach

From countering an invasion of aliens to demolishing a wall with a ball – AI outperforms humans after just 20 minutes of training.

Five hottest big data trends 2018 for the techies

Currently, the world is producing 16.3 zettabytes of data a year. According to IDC, by 2025 that amount will rise tenfold, to 163 zettabytes a year. But how big, exactly, is a zetta?

Five trends for business to surf the big data wave

According to IDC analysis, 16,3 zettabytes of data were created worldwide in 2017. Such volume shows why keeping an eye on big data business trends is so crucial.

Spot the flaw – visual quality control in manufacturing

Harnessing the power of AI’s image recognition and deep learning may significantly reduce the cost of visual quality control.

What is the best method of efficiently training machine learning for teams?

The tailored Team Training Tracks (4T) method is a way of teaching data science by working with a specific team on selected real-life projects in a company. It facilitates an effective learning experience for adults addressing an increasing job market need for data scientists.

How to start with machine learning wisely and become a data scientist?

How we teach data science now has many limitations. Universities, bootcamps and online courses have yet to provide an optimal learning experience that answers job market needs. A fourth way is needed.

Why do we need more data scientists and why should you become one?

The number of data scientists has grown over 650% over the past five years. Machine learning and deep learning skills are in huge demand at present, and the list of reasons you should join those already working in the profession is broad.

Artificial intelligence imagining and reasoning about the future ML team has been working with Google Brain on helping AI imagine and reason about the future. They started from optimizing TensorFlow’s infrastructure for reinforcement learning and moved to end-to-end training of AI entirely on Google’s newest Cloud TPUs.

Starting deep learning hands-on: image classification on CIFAR-10

Tired of overly theoretical introductions to deep learning? Experiment hands-on with CIFAR-10 image classification with Keras by running code in Neptune.

Image classification sample solution for Kaggle competition

We’ve open sourced image classification sample solution that lets data scientists start competing in the currently running Kaggle Cdiscount competition.