Don’t waste the power. AI supply chain management

Don’t waste the power. AI supply chain management

Just imagine what your business could do if it recouped 6500 man-hours annually.  Or a power supply savings comparable to all the Austin, TX usage?


Outsmarting failure. Predictive maintenance powered by machine learning

As the fourth industrial revolution approaches, factories can harness the power of machine learning to reduce maintenance costs.

AI Monthly digest #2 - the fakeburger, BERT for NLP and machine morality

AI Monthly digest #2 – the fakeburger, BERT for NLP and machine morality

Fake images of hamburgers, the autonomous trolley problem, BERT for NLP and more stories from October, curated by’s team, right here in AI Monthly Digest.

Ai monthly digest september 2018

AI Monthly digest #1 – AI stock trading & Kaggle record

AI-based stock trading, a record-breaking competition on Kaggle and more stories cherry-picked from all the interesting ML- and AI-related news from September.

Museum Treasures – AI at the National Museum in Warsaw

Object recognition is common for diagram analysis and text recognition. The technique may soon be used to popularize art and culture.

Wait, so loans need to be repaid The home credit risk prediction competition on Kaggle

Wait, so loans need to be repaid? The home credit risk prediction competition on Kaggle

It was far and away the most popular Kaggle competition, gaining the attention of more than 8,000 data scientists globally. The team of Paweł Godula, team leader and’s Director of Customer Analytics, Michał Bugaj and Aliaksandr Varashylau took fifth place and 1st on the public leaderboard.

Four ways to use a Kaggle competition to test artificial intelligence in business

For companies seeking ways to test AI-driven solutions in a safe environment, running a competition for data scientists is a great and affordable way to go – when it’s done properly. According to a McKinsey report, only 20% of companies consider themselves adopters of AI technology while 41% remain uncertain about the benefits that AI […]

Three reasons why data analyst makes perfect data scientist

Three reasons why data analysts make the perfect data scientists

Adding programming skills to the data analyst’s skill set can go a long way to making the perfect data scientist.

Online course vs. instructor-led training – how to develop your team’s new skills?

Online course vs. instructor-led training – how to develop your team’s new skills?

Advantages of online courses are tempting to send your team to any of the popular e-learning platforms to pick up the new skills they need. An important question, then, is are online courses superior to instructor-led training?

Keras or PyTorch as your first deep learning framework

Keras and PyTorch are both excellent choices for your first deep learning framework. Learn how they differ and which one will suit your needs better.