Powering up demand forecasting with machine learning

Demand forecasting is done by analyzing statistical data and looking for patterns and correlations. Machine learning takes the practice to a higher level.

AI Monthly digest #3: Artificial Intelligence in science getting big

November brought a lot of significant AI-related breaking news. Machine learning and deep learning models were folding proteins, deriving the laws of physics from fictional universes and mimicking the human brain in a way never before seen. This edition of AI Monthly digest looks at scientific improvements made by AI with significant support from tech […]

Driverless car or autonomous driving? Tackling the challenges of autonomous vehicles

Among both traditional carmakers and cutting-edge tech behemoths, there is massive competition to bring autonomous vehicles to market.


Outsmarting failure. Predictive maintenance powered by machine learning

As the fourth industrial revolution approaches, factories can harness the power of machine learning to reduce maintenance costs.

Ai monthly digest september 2018

AI Monthly digest #1 – AI stock trading & Kaggle record

AI-based stock trading, a record-breaking competition on Kaggle and more stories cherry-picked from all the interesting ML- and AI-related news from September.

Keras vs. PyTorch: Alien vs. Predator recognition with transfer learning

In our previous post, we gave you an overview of the differences between Keras and PyTorch, aiming to help you pick the framework that’s better suited to your needs. Now, it’s time for a trial by combat. We’re going to pit Keras and PyTorch against each other, showing their strengths and weaknesses in action. We […]

How machine learning improves business efficiency – five practical examples

How machine learning improves business efficiency – five practical examples

Deloitte estimates that in 2021 enterprise spending on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects will reach 57 billion dollars

When predictive analytics in football fall short - an example

When predictive analytics in football fall short (an example)

German team – the one Goldman Sachs picked with predictive analytics as the probable world champ – failed to get out of its group for the first time in 80 years.

What is reinforcement learning? The complete guide

What is reinforcement learning? The complete guide

Although machine learning is seen as a monolith, this cutting-edge technology is diversified, with various sub-types including machine learning, deep learning, and the state-of-the-art technology of deep reinforcement learning.

Keras or PyTorch as your first deep learning framework

Keras and PyTorch are both excellent choices for your first deep learning framework. Learn how they differ and which one will suit your needs better.