Driverless car or autonomous driving? Tackling the challenges of autonomous vehicles

Among both traditional carmakers and cutting-edge tech behemoths, there is massive competition to bring autonomous vehicles to market.


Outsmarting failure. Predictive maintenance powered by machine learning

As the fourth industrial revolution approaches, factories can harness the power of machine learning to reduce maintenance costs.

Neptune 1.5 – Python 3 support, simplified CLI, compact view

At the end of April 2017, released a new version of Neptune, the DevOps platform for data scientists. Neptune 1.5 introduces a range of new features and improvements, including support for Python 3, simplification of Neptune CLI, offline execution, …

Neptune machine learning platform: grid search, R & Java support

In February we released a new version of Neptune, our machine learning platform for data scientists, supporting them in more efficient experiment management and monitoring. The latest 1.4 release introduces new features, like grid search — a hyperparameter optimization method and support for R and Java programming languages. Grid Search The first major feature introduced […]

Neptune 1.3 with TensorFlow integration and experiments in Docker

We’re happy to announce that a new version of Neptune became available this month. The latest 1.3 release of’s machine learning platform introduces powerful new features and improvements. This release’s key added features are: integration with TensorFlow and running Neptune experiments in Docker containers.

Machine Learning Models Predicting Dangerous Seismic Events

Machine Learning Models Predicting Dangerous Seismic Events

Underground mining poses a number of threats including fires, methane outbreaks or seismic tremors and bumps. An automatic system for predicting and alerting against such dangerous events is of utmost importance – and also a great challenge for data scientists and their machine learning models. This was the inspiration for the organizers of AAIA’16 Data Mining Challenge: Predicting Dangerous Seismic Events in Active Coal Mines.

Neptune – Machine Learning Platform is releasing a new product. Neptune – a machine learning platform. Read about how we got the idea for Neptune and its main features.