supports young scientists in the conquest of space supports young scientists in the conquest of space supported students from the no. VI High School in Bydgoszcz in carrying out a space probe project, as part of the international CanSat competition organized by the European Space Agency (ESA). On September 19, 2021 the probe was launched into the sky.

During the Congress of Polish Physicists in Bydgoszcz, a special balloon took the probe up over 40 km, passing through the stratosphere. The collected data was analyzed from a physical point of view and a special web application was used to visualize their findings.

“Visiting the no. VI High School students is always a great pleasure for me. I’m very impressed with the commitment these young people have towards broadening their knowledge and overcoming new challenges.”

– Patryk Miziuła, Senior Data Scientist at

The mathematical and IT profiled “Euclid” class from no. VI High School of Jan and Jędrzej Śniadeckich in Bydgoszcz has been supported by for the last 3 years. Under this patronage, staff conduct meetings with the students on artificial intelligence and related issues. The most recent workshop, titled “Machine learning – how to start” and delivered by Patryk Miziuła, took place over two days in September.