becomes the Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Partner of the AI World conference becomes the Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Partner of the AI World conference

AI World teams up with to produce a half-day Workshop on Machine Learning helping enterprises understand the entire machine learning market.

Trends Equity today announced that it has teamed up with, as the Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Partner, to produce a half-day in-depth workshop on Machine Learning for the Enterprise at AI World Conference & Expo on November 7, 2016 in San Francisco. The workshop is focused on helping attendees understand the scope, breadth and depth of machine learning solutions available in today’s marketplace.

According to Eliot Weinman, CEO, Trends Equity and AI World conference chair, “Machine learning and deep learning are together one of the fastest growing software markets today, expected to reach $40B by 2024 (source: Tractica). AI World, which is committed to helping businesses understand how to harness AI and machine learning, has specifically developed this workshop with to help enterprises understand the many options available to them when trying to develop an effective machine learning strategy for their company.”

According to Tomasz Kulakowski, Chief Executive Officer,, “We are very pleased to be working with AI World, and becoming the Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Partner for the conference. For our company, one of the main goals is to fill the gap between the challenges faced in various industries’ and the possibilities that machine learning – and deep learning in particular – brings to the table. Using machine learning, many processes could be automatized – reducing costs, speeding up development or even solving problems that were impossible to solve using traditional techniques. To make this happened, data science needs to meet with business. The conference and our workshop, in particular, is developed by data scientists with business experience to show how machine learning solutions can solve billion dollar problems and speed up enterprises’ growth.”


About the Workshop:
The half day workshop will be produced in two parts. The first portion of the workshop entitled “The Who, What and Why of Machine Learning” will focus on providing Enterprises with a comprehensive introduction to the machine learning industry, different options, players and technologies. This session will present an overview of the machine learning industry and its ecosystem. The session will be focused on helping attendees understand the current machine learning market and will also provide examples of innovative machine learning applications and their deployments across different industries. The second part of the workshop is entitled “State-of-the-Practice in Machine Learning in the Enterprise”. The session will take attendees to the next step from the earlier strategic overview of the machine learning, deep learning, etc. markets. Attendees will hear from a panel of four world-class heads of machine learning for major U.S. companies. The speakers will discuss their work at their companies, how machine learning is disrupting their industries, and critical lessons learned in deploying enterprise-class machine learning applications. descripion

About AI World:
AI World Conference and Expo (San Francisco, Nov. 7- 9, 2016) is focused on the business and technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The 3-day conference and exposition is designed to enable business and technology executives learn about the state-of-the-market and state-of-the-practice in designing and deploying AI and intelligent systems in the enterprise. To learn more, please visit

About Trends Equity:
For more than 25 years, the principals of Trends Equity have built industry-leading publications and events in diverse high tech markets such as mobile commerce, telecommunications, enterprise IT, application development and robotics. The company principals have been strategic advisors and partners with many of the world’s leading computer software, hardware, services, research, associations and publishing firms. To learn more, please visit

About AI Trends:
AI Trends, a publishing product of Trends Equity, is the leading industry media channel focused on the business and technology of AI. It is designed for business executives wishing to keep track of the major industry business trends, technologies and solutions that can help them keep in front of the fast moving world of AI and to gain competitive advantage.

AI World Contact:
Ashley Harvey
T: +1 (508) 645-6564

Media contact: trademarks at boilerplate

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