helps improve the UK’s satellite defence and security intelligence helps improve the UK’s satellite defence and security intelligence

The team makes a significant contribution to the satellite imagery project hosted at aimed at increasing the efficiency of the decision-making process for the UK’s defence and security.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a UK government agency, recently hosted a competition to identify and categorize objects in satellite imagery. Dstl provided 1 km x 1 km satellite images and the challenging task was to detect different types of objects, such as buildings, vehicles, trees or roads located in various environments. Users had to find an algorithm or develop software that would help evaluate large and complex data sets in an innovative manner.

“Coming up with a model that can generalize well from a small training set of only 25 multispectral images was a really challenging task. Convolutional neural networks allowed us to create a reliable solution and take advantage of recent developments in the hot area of deep learning. We were excited to apply novel scientific solutions for practical problems and see their excellent performance,” said Robert Bogucki, Chief Science Officer at’s data science team took fourth place with their creative solution, beating over 400 other teams from all over the world. There were over 5,000 submissions on Kaggle, which translates into over £2.5m worth of research. The results can be used in a great number of projects requiring a quick and accurate analysis of large data sets.

“I am proud of our machine learning team, who proved their data science skills in the Kaggle competition once again. We took such a high place due to the fact that we have outstanding and talented people who use appropriate methodology and tools, such as Neptune, developed by us, initially created for our data science purposes, which has now been shared with the market. Thanks to such non-commercial projects we can develop our know-how and continuously improve working techniques used later in business challenges,” said Piotr Niedzwiedz, CTO at


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