launches Machine Learning workshops in San Francisco launches Machine Learning workshops in San Francisco

40 attendees are to participate in’s 2-day training program for professionals who want to develop and increase their skill set in data science and machine learning. is proud to announce that two initial data science and machine learning training workshops will kick off today in San Francisco, helping to close the skills gap for 40 participants who registered online. The workshop program is powered by python and Spark and will be led by Dr. Piotr Migdal (PhD), a veteran data scientist with quantum physics background, who has performed research at MIT in Cambridge (MA), ICFO in Barcelona and ISI Foundation in Turin, also an author of numerous data science, social networks analysis and hierarchical clustering publications.

“We are extremely happy to launch our first workshops in the most innovative place in the world – Silicon Valley. However, our mission to promote machine learning and Apache Spark does not end here. We are coming to New York and London next and by the end of next year we are going to be present in major tech hubs worldwide”, says Tomasz Kulakowski,’s CEO.’s training workshops cover key machine learning and big data methods and technologies such as: linear regression, clustering, Apache Hadoop and Spark to help professionals gain practical skills that will help their organizations bring in value, discover insights and make predictive applications based on big data.
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