How empowers tech talents

How empowers tech talents

Interview with Mateusz Ziebura – a mentee of Robert Bogucki, Co-founder & CTO at, as part of the EmpowerPL program, established by the Boston Consulting Group and the Federation of Polish Student Associations in Great Britain.


Robert Bogucki is a mentor in the EmpowerPL program, which connects business owners, C-level executives, and outstanding experts with young Poles who study at the best universities abroad and in Poland.  As part of the program, Robert has been cooperating with Mateusz Ziebura, a student from De Montfort University. We talked to Mateusz about his participation in the program and his career development.

Why did you decide to take part in the EmpowerPL program?

Mateusz: I found the opportunity to participate in the program extremely interesting on many levels. Most of all, I wanted to find out more about the success stories of people in the tech industry. The opportunity to learn about Robert’s career gave me many new ideas and inspirations for my own professional development. I was impressed with Robert’s openness and his valuable development tips. The second aspect that was important to me was the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of artificial intelligence under the supervision of an expert. I had a great opportunity to take advantage of Robert’s extensive expertise in this field, which allowed me to quickly grasp the key elements from the data science and machine learning domains. My main specialization is cybersecurity, but the meetings with Robert helped me to discover new areas combining cybersecurity and AI, which was an extremely valuable experience.

What is important to you when it comes to professional development?

Mateusz: I am a person who values continuous development and constantly raising the bar. I am aware that, especially in the area of cybersecurity, you need to develop and keep up with the latest technologies and approaches, all the time. With Robert I  discussed the fact that on the one hand the technology industry offers a lot of room for development, but on the other hand it is extremely demanding. I especially remembered Robert’s remark about being flexible and not fixated on one career path. I am fully aware that in 10 years the tech industry will look completely different, and flexibility and the willingness to learn new topics will be the key to success. I also think that in building a professional career it is important to take care of work-life balance; having the time to develop my passion for electronic music is equally important to me.

What did your cooperation with Robert look like?

Mateusz: Once a month, I met Robert online or offline and discussed issues that were interesting to me. Additionally, as part of developing knowledge about artificial intelligence, Robert prepared additional materials for me, which we discussed during our meetings. We also talked a lot about the possibility of implementing AI in the area of cybersecurity.

What did you learn during the program?

Mateusz: I really appreciate all of Robert’s advice on having a flexible approach to various professional challenges and work-life balance. Robert’s openness and willingness to share his knowledge were also a positive surprise for me. I certainly recommend the program to anyone who wants to meet top experts from the tech industry in person and look at the development of one’s career from a new perspective.

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