to share deep learning insights for the third time at AI World to share deep learning insights for the third time at AI World

AI World is an artificial intelligence and machine learning conference being held in Boston, December 3-5. will once again be providing its experience and expertise as a Strategic Deep Learning Partner at the conference.

AI World Conference and Expo annually gathers artificial intelligence (AI) professionals and practitioners to explore the state of practice of machine learning and deep learning in enterprise and the possible applications of this innovative technology. thas been a strategic partner since the first conference and this year will be supporting the event for the third time.

The AI World conference is organized by AI Trends, the leading industry media channel focused on the business and technology of AI. Since its merger with Cambridge Innovation Institute, AI World has been focused on machine learning-based advances in the life sciences, especially for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
Eliot Weinman, AI World Conference Founder and Chair “AI World, now in our third year, has been collaborating with to help us develop world-class seminars on the state of AI, machine learning and deep learning in the enterprise. works hands-on with Fortune 500 class enterprises to help them deliver AI solutions and assist organizations in unlocking their data science potential. Their programs cover not only the state of the practice in machine learning and deep learning but also critical areas like cybersecurity.”

All the knowledge in one day

The conference will kick off with a range of thematic seminars, including one hosted by on enterprise machine learning and deep learning.
“Business leaders will hear about the latest developments in AI so they are up to date on what they can do and how they can assess their readiness to reach for AI innovation. However, this year we will focus more on the potential of machine learning for customer analytics, cybersecurity and healthcare”, shares Robert Bogucki, Chief Technology Officer in and the host of one seminar.
During the seminar, experts will explain how to reduce human workloads with AI-based process automation and how to optimize revenues by applying automated customer analytics. The latter will be illustrated with a debt risk modeling prediction case done for Home Credit.
Participants will also have the opportunity to join two discussions where panelists from leading organizations such as Microsoft, Uber, Nielsen and MIT will talk about AI applications in healthcare and cybersecurity. There are already numerous machine learning and deep learning solutions being used in healthcare, such as AI-powered diabetic retinopathy diagnostics, automated nurses, surgery assistance and personalized treatment plans.
Experts will also show how AI can be also used for spotting the signs of DDoS attack before it downs a service, automated traffic analytics, advanced spam filtering technologies and fraud detection techniques.
See here for a detailed agenda.

Opening the black box

“Artificial intelligence is a tool for building a new, brighter future. It offers easier access to healthcare services, it’s safer and just better for everyone. Still, there is a lot of uncertainty and doubt around artificial intelligence and how it is used. Companies don’t trust the solutions and ordinary people fear losing their jobs. That’s why we consider spreading knowledge about AI as important as building the solutions of the future,” says Bogucki.
To address this challenge, AI World and joined forces not only to popularize AI applications in research and business, but also to explaining how they work and how to start using them. AI Trend readers can read about modern recommendation systems, reinforcement learning development and potential use for the business and the latest advancements and challenges in NLP. They can also listen to a webinar on various approaches to using AI in business. After the conference, AI World and will publish an e-book covering these topics.
AI World Conference and Expo will be held in Boston, MA on December 3-5. The full agenda, speakers list and further details can be found on the official website. Use our special codes to get Free Expo Pass (code: 186800XDS) or save $200 on VIP Conference Pass (code: 186800DSAI).



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