GPT and other LLMs
fast track workshop

Learn how to build Generative AI Large Language Models into your solution

Run by AI NLP experts, our customized workshop helps you:




Workshop agenda

Part 1

The LLM technology stack

We help you understand GPT and other LLMs
  • What you should know
  • GPT, ChatGPT and other LLM breakthroughs
  • The new GenAI stack – foundational models, api’s, toolchains and data-to-model vs model-to-data
  • Capabilities and myths

LLM use cases

We help you get inspired by relevant LLM use cases
  • Focus on use cases in your industry
  • Discussion of the applicability of the use cases in your business

Part 2

Developing your use cases

We help you discover implementable LLM use cases for your business
  • Generate and evaluate options
  • Create an effort/impact matrix
  • Discuss benefits and concerns
  • Frame next steps and a high level implementation roadmap

Boost your business!

Build a competitive advantage by adding the features of GPT
and other LLMs to your products and services

  • Expert-level support with large language models


    With the recent rapid progress in the field of NLP, many clients are becoming interested in using large language models in their business, but do not have the proper know-how.

    Our Solution has acquired extensive knowledge and practical experience with various language models both open-source and API-based solutions. For a given client’s business case, we can quickly find and propose the best approach. Our end-to-end solution can be set up in both an on-premise environment and in the cloud.


    In a matter of weeks, we can develop a proof-of-concept solution to a business problem, ready for further development and productization.

    CASE STUDY 1 Expert-level support with Large Language Models

Why work with us?


I really like how’s workshop gave me a good overview of machine learning techniques and showed me how businesses use big data in general. It is a completely new way of thinking and the workshop introduces that very well.

Robert Wei, Software Engineer

Kyrus’s workshop provided us with a good introduction to data science. It was evident that the instructors are not only expert in the subject matter but also experienced in the practical application of the techniques discussed. We found the structured but still open-ended format of the workshop very effective in promoting engagement.

Jose Castillo, Research and Development Engineer


We were very happy with the workshop. The format was good and’s instructors were excellent as trainers: experts in the subject matter, obviously, but also good at conveying the knowledge. The participants very much enjoyed it.

Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Analytics, Partnerships and Innovation


My overall impression from the workshop was positive, the instructors were knowledgeable and also were able to draw on their experiences to give relevant examples during the discussions.

Nitin Navare, AVP Engineering

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About helps companies gain competitive advantage by providing customized  AI-powered end-to-end solutions, with the main focus on AI software, team augmentation and AI advisory.

Our commitment and know-how have been appreciated by global clients including Nielsen, L’Oréal, Intel, Nvidia, United Nations, BNP Paribas, Santander, Hitachi and Brainly. 

Our technology capabilities combine computer vision, predictive analytics and natural language processing. We also deliver large language models and diffusion models training programs to support companies in building AI capabilities in-house.


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