Open source visual framework for Spark

Rapidly develop Spark applications

Build Spark applications in a visual and interactive way
Create data workflows quickly and easily without programming
Leverage the power of Spark without knowing its internals
Keep your data secure by deploying Seahorse on‑premises

Seahorse is an open source tool.
Get even more from our free BI tool powered by Apache Spark!

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Key features

Simple & easy to learn

Intuitive drag‑and‑drop web interface that guides you as you build your dataflows.

Powerful & scalable

Leverage the power of distributed computing and don’t be limited by the data size.

Supporting multiple data sources

Ingest data from a variety of sources, including structured and unstructured data.


Utilize multiple external Spark clusters. Choose between Desktop and Server modes.


Deployable on‑premises; data can be processed without being exposed to public clouds.


Share workflows and code with your team.

Delivering production‑ready applications

Export your application from the editor and run it on any Apache Spark cluster.

Main advantages

Rapidly develop Spark applications by dragging and dropping ready-made blocks

Engage a variety of data sources and create powerful ETL jobs

Apply predictive analytics using machine learning models provided by Spark’s MLlib

Customize your workflows with R, Python, Jupyter Notebook and a Scala SDK

Schedule the execution of your workflows and receive highly customizable e-mail reports

Your data is secure – Seahorse can be deployed on-premises and supports multiple Spark clusters

Get Seahorse

  • Works on Linux
  • A set of Docker containers interconnected with Docker Compose
  • Lightweight layer over your operating system
  • Supports server mode

Download docker

  • Works on Linux, OS X, Windows
  • A downloadable virtual machine image
  • Secure environment isolated from your OS
  • Based on well-established technology that works across all operating systems

Download vagrant

Enterprise services

We offer commercial support for serious applications


1‑business‑day‑response assistance provided
by the developers of Seahorse:

  • Installation / deployment
  • Configuration
  • Cluster setup
  • Integration
  • Usage advice
  • Troubleshooting / bugfixing


If your usage scenario needs specific
extra features:

  • Connectors to non‑standard data sources and sinks
  • Custom ETL operations
  • Custom predictive modeling algorithms
  • Custom middleware


Solutions to ensure smooth operation
and uptime:

  • High-availability
  • Bottleneck elimination and performance tuning

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