AI solutions for retail

We harvest the power of data by combining customer footprint with external knowledge

Up to 25p.p.

forecast accuracy

Up to 30%


Up to 15%

stock levels

Use cases

Demand forecastingDemand forecasting

Unleash the full potential of your sales with maximized forecast accuracy

  • Better planning thanks to improved accuracy of forecast for every SKU
  • Fast and automated predictions
  • Out-of-stock incidence reduction

Demand forecastingPricing and promotion management

Employ AI to optimize your pricing and boost your promotion activities

  • Optimal pricing strategy based on demand forecast and price elasticity
  • Right promotions at the perfect time based on consumers sentiments
  • Accurate prediction of promotion impact on your sale of each SKU and for other products
  • What-if analysis to try several scenarios

Marketing optimizationMarketing optimization

Maximizing ROI on your marketing activities by implementing machine learning into customer analysis

  • Detecting customers with highest RoI on ads to take the most of your campaigns
  • Optimize your channel mix with advanced attribution models

Supply chain optimizationSupply chain and assortment optimization

Just enough – that’s what your orders will look like thanks to accurate predictions and intelligent stock management

  • Minimize out-of-stocks and make your products always available for your customers
  • Decrease stock levels thanks to just-enough ordering

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Case study

Infusing retail analytics with image content extraction

Project challenge:

Thousands of new FMCG products flood the market every month. Nielsen harvests the product information directly from the images of packages. The process of manual extraction and data entry takes about 30 minutes per product.

Handling the task described above required delivering a complex solution consisting of multiple steps performed by several neural networks. Each is performing a separate task that involves image recognition and natural language processing.

Our solution reduces the time needed to gather and validate the data to less than 2 minutes. The deep neural networks-based system localizes the list of ingredients on the label, scans it and puts it into the proper column in the database. At the same time, the data is being cleared from noises and redundancies, delivering standardized information.

About Nielsen:

  • An S&P 500 company
  • $6,5 B revenue
  • 46,000 employees

Project highlights:

  • automatic confidence assessment of the extracted content
  • support for multiple data formats
  • scalable, high-throughput cloud solution

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