AI solutions for healthcare & beauty

Transforming medical and beauty services with the help of AI

Over 10x

speed-up and cost reduction of screening diagnostics

Up to 98%

precision and recall in detecting malignant changes

Up to 60%

reduction in equipment downtime

Use cases

Medical imageMedical imaging

Analyzing medical and beauty data based on different imaging
modalities and computer vision solutions

  • Medical imaging-based diagnosis of skin, body and internal
  • On-line imaging for cosmetology and dermatology
  • Follow-up on treatments results

Digital clinical trialsSmart clinical trials

Leveraging data science to improve results and lower costs of
clinical trials in medicine and beauty

  • Intelligent recruitment and retention
  • Trials data collection and analysis
  • Advanced data analysis

Predictive maintenancePredictive maintenance

Preventing failure of medical devices and beauty equipment using
predictive modelling

  • Forecasting potential failures  & planning optimal repairs
  • Ensuring fewer breakdowns
  • Optimizing maintenance schedule, minimizing downtime
    and total repair costs

Quality control in Medical & BeautyQuality control

Computer vision based, intelligent quality control solution for
medical products and cosmetics

  • Detect incorrect labels, shapes, items orientation and
  • Identify surface defects on products and product spills
  • Monitor production and storage requirements

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Case study

Intelligent skin analysis

Project challenge:

The beauty industry offers tens of thousands of cosmetics and treatments. An individual approach to consumers’ beauty needs is key to maintaining their interest. For one of our clients, we created a system that analyzes photos of skin to automate the process of suggesting cosmetics.

The system recognizes and classifies the skin tone and evenness of the client’s face. The assessment is preceded by very careful data preparation including face detection, normalization and controlled adaptation through various image augmentations. A deep neural network then processes the photos to provide the skin grading.

The solution produced robust outputs despite the varying photo quality and lighting conditions, making it suitable for working with studio-quality photos and hand-made selfies.

Our solution is 91% accurate*, significantly outperforming humans. Further improvements to be made to the system may include the ability to recognize other customers’ skin attributes such as hydration, shine, pores, acne scarring and wrinkles.

*measured by mean average error

About company:

  • One of the world’s largest manufacturer of beauty products
  • Its brands are found in over 150 countries
  • Over 100 years in operation
  • revenue of ~€28 B
  • >85,000 employees

Project highlights:

  • Automated recognition and classification of the skin to measure its attributes, such as evenness or hydration
  • Deep neural network that detects and classifies skin tone evenness for the purpose of recommending appropriate cosmetics

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