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deepsense.ai helps companies implement AI-powered solutions, with the main focus on AI Guidance and AI Implementation Services.

Our commitment and know-how have been appreciated by global clients including Nielsen, L’Oréal, Intel, Nvidia, United Nations, BNP Paribas, Santander, Hitachi and Brainly. 

Wherever you are on your AI journey, we can guide you and help implement projects in Generative AI, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, MLOps and Data Engineering. We also deliver training programs to support companies in building AI capabilities in-house.


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Our work is recognized by leaders in industries including:

Financial & Insurance
IT Operations
TMT & Other
Medical & Beauty

Research & Development

In addition to commercial projects, we place great emphasis on continuous learning. That’s why we have built a Research & Development Hub, where we work on cutting-edge technologies with top universities and institutions, such as Google Brain.

R&D Hub

Our partnerships

<a href="/deepsense-ai-becomes-nvidia-deep-learning-partner/">NVIDIA Deep Learning Partner</a>

NVIDIA Deep Learning Partner

deepsense.ai has joined the NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner Program as a preferred partner in deep learning professional services, ready to play a critical role in helping NVIDIA customers grow and succeed as AI computing spreads across industries.

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<a href="/deepsense-ai-becomes-authorized-google-cloud-platform-training-partner-in-poland/">Google Cloud Platform Partner</a>

Google Cloud Platform Partner

deepsense.ai has become a Polish Google Cloud Platform Authorized Training Partner. It is set to begin supporting the tech giant in training companies to build cloud-enabled AI solutions on their own. The two companies will also work together to deliver custom-tailored AI-related projects on GCP.

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<a href="/deepsense-ai-popularize-machine-learning-at-european-universities-as-part-of-the-intel-nervana-ai-academy/">Intel Training Partner</a>

Intel Training Partner

deepsense.ai popularizes machine learning at European universities as part of the Intel Nervana AI Academy. Students get the valuable opportunity to gain practical knowledge in two of the most cutting‑edge and fast developing areas of data science, machine learning and deep learning.

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<a href="https://ubuntu.com/engage/starting-with-ai?utm_source=deepsense">Canonical AI Consulting and Delivery Partner</a>

Canonical AI Consulting and Delivery Partner

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux distribution, has named deepsense.ai an AI Consulting and Delivery Partner. Together, the companies will deliver end-to-end solutions for enterprises, leveraging Canonical’s infrastructure competencies and deepsense.ai’s data science mastery.

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<a href="/langchain-announces-partnership-with-deepsense-ai/">LangChain Partner</a>

LangChain Partner

We partner with LangChain, an innovative framework that simplifies Large Language Models application development. Our team contributes significantly to LangChain and supports the community’s growth. The partnership grants exclusive access to LangSmith, a tool for debugging and testing LLM applications, enhancing the tailoring of AI solutions for clients.

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The award-winning team

We constantly challenge our own knowledge and regularly take top places in important global data science competitions. This translates into sharper and more extensive expertise for you.

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