becomes authorized Google Cloud Platform training partner in Poland becomes authorized Google Cloud Platform training partner in Poland has become a Polish Google Cloud Platform Authorized Training Partner. It is set to begin supporting the tech giant in training companies to build cloud-enabled AI solutions on their own. The two companies will also work together to deliver custom-tailored AI-related projects on GCP.

Building AI-based solutions requires enormous computing power. AI models need to process vast amounts of data to rise to the tasks they are designed for. Such tasks can include learning how to recognize particular objects depicted in photographs, like animals or vehicles or film stars. To gain access to the power required to perform these challenges while avoiding investment in expensive hardware, companies move to the cloud.

“The great benefit of using Google Cloud Platform is its integration with existing machine learning tools, including Google-designed Keras and TensorFlow frameworks”, says Paweł Osterreicher, Director of Strategy and Development at “The access we had to the Tensor Processing Unit, a specialized processor designed to augment and speed up the machine learning training process, was also crucial, as we were among the first companies to test it in action.”

This is not the first time and Google have teamed up. The Polish company worked with Google Brain on reinforcement learning, which uses an AI agent to learn not by analyzing data provided by data scientists, but by interacting with the environment. The technique can be used to design software for autonomous cars, to name one prominent example. The companies’ cooperation has also resulted in scientific papers on research and Google Brain conducted in conjunction with Warsaw University.

AI in the clouds

Until now, has shared its knowledge through training programs on data science and artificial intelligence. Teaching the practical use of Google Cloud Platform, the training enabled users to learn about tools for building machine learning and deep learning models as well as the cloud infrastructure required to do the computations.

“The CEE cloud computing market is growing rapidly, but it continues to lag western countries,” says Magdalena Dziewguć, Google Cloud Territory Manager. “The lack of cloud computing competencies is the greatest obstacle to overcome. With as our authorized training partner, we’ll be able to tackle this challenge by providing companies from Central and Eastern Europe with the necessary knowledge provided in an effective and accessible way.

In the new partnership, deepsense will introduce a five-day training to help participants become familiar with basic machine learning techniques and tools and the basics of deep neural networks. Certified instructors will also show how to use Google Cloud Platform in machine learning.

“We will be addressing the training to companies that feel machine learning can benefit their business, but which lack experience”, comments Marta Piechowiak, Head of the Training and Development Hub at “A key challenge in the development of artificial intelligence is to help companies build the requisite competencies. can use its experience in training and implementation to support both individuals and companies in their development. Cooperation with Google broadens our data science training portfolio with the new possibilities Google cloud affords.” is also now an authorized Google service partner. The company will support Google’s customers with tailored AI-based solutions. The partnership will allow to share its experience in image recognition, predictive analytics and natural language processing with Google’s clients. Combining that experience with Google Cloud Platform will enable companies to reach for AI without the need to invest in expensive hardware or build out a dedicated infrastructure.



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