AI solutions for banking & financial services

Leveraging all your data sources to build powerful customer analytics solutions

Up to 15%

improve in x-sell thanks to personalization

Up to 0.9p.p.

decrease in default rate

Up to 4x

Faster claims handling process

Use cases

Improving salesPersonalized sales

Leveraging deep learning to build a 360o customer view and personalize sales activities

  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Intelligent customer assistants
  • Boost ROI on your online marketing activities

Credit risk predictionCredit risk prediction

Using neural networks and tree-based models in time-series analysis to improve credit scoring and decrease default rates

  • Detect interactions in signals coming from multiple data sources
  • Find combinations that are too complex to be identified by handcrafted models

Insurance claim assessmentInsurance claims assessment

Using automated text and image documentation analysis to reduce the manual work in claims handling

  • Automated analysis of documentation with an AI-driven language processing engine
  • Automated car damage assessment based on image documentation
  • Significantly reduced time needed for claims handling, hence increased customer satisfaction

Fraud detectionFraud detection

Preventing financial fraud with an AI-powered fraud detection engine

  • Seamless real-time fraud analysis with no impact on customer experience
  • Find complex correlations and adapting to individual patterns
  • Automatically define fraudulent scenarios and adapt to changing behaviour
  • Intelligently distinguishing unusual behaviour from fraud, reducing the occurrence of false positives

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Case study

Computer vision-based expert system for car claims assessment

Project challenge:

Claims handling in car insurance is a very laborious process requiring qualified experts. It is usually held manually and it takes several days to get the valuation of car damage, which impacts customer experience.

For one of the largest financial institutions in Eastern Europe we built a tool for automated assessment of car damage using artificial intelligence. It allowed an almost real-time assessment of claim value based on image documentation sent by the client.

We applied multiple computer vision techniques (Faster R-CNN, Mask R-CNN) to classify and segment car parts and identify and assess severity of damages on images.

In result, we automated handling of up to 70% claims significantly reducing manual work required in the process, while shortening time needed to assess damage from days to seconds.

About company:

  • One of the largest financial institution in Eastern Europe
  • Over 200 years in operation
  • ~$6 B revenue
  • >16,000 employees

Success stories

Credit risk prediction

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Credit card cross-selling

Leading European bank 12.5% performance boost over the bank’s current solution Learn more


Boosting online conversion rate

A CEE market leader Delivering recommendations
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Anti-fraud detection system

A CEE market leader 65% reduction in appointment-related losses Learn more


Personalized product recommendations

Santander Bank 93% recall in identifying the right product for the customer Learn more


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