AI solutions for IT operations

We improve your multi-cloud & data center IT operations with machine learning and AI

Up to 30%

less critical failures

Up to 60%

reduced downtime

Up to 98%

reduced volume of event stream

Use cases

Network diagnostics and optimizationNetwork diagnostics and optimization

Uncovering issues in networks and delivering real-time notifications to prevent critical failures

  • Leverage telemetry data to deliver real-time notifications about potential risks

Anomaly and risk detectionAnomaly and risk detection

Preventing breakdowns by detecting deviations from past norms to proactively address potential issues

  • Detecting anomalous system behavior to prevent breakdowns
  • Detecting complex dependencies and shortening the time required to investigate a problem
  • Reducing the number of critical failures thanks to early detection

Service ticket managementService ticket management

Employing AI to simplify and explain the huge amounts of data in issue management

  • Forecasting the volume of service tickets to optimize resource allocation
  • Consolidating events to reduce event stream volume by up to 98%

Service ticket analytics

AI-driven service ticket management engine - demo screen

Intelligent service ticket management

Automating your support processes to deliver faster ticket resolutions

  • Quickly search for the likely solution
  • Find similar tickets
  • Use a chatbot to automate common “how to” requests

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Case study

Traffic Monitoring Solution for Data Centers

Project challenge:

Create a highly performant solution for traffic monitoring across data center Infrastructure. Our solution collects traffic samples across all network devices in a datacenter.

Collected data is then processed and actionable insights are provided to the user: alarms, traffic forecast and capacity planning.

All gathered information is exposed to the user in form an interactive network topology.

A comprehensive solution architecture design allows for independent scaling of particular components. Achieved stable 1m records per second ingestion on 3 nodes deployment. Ongoing further development of the product.

About company:

Global leader in Network Infrastructure manufacturing within the top 5 in the world.

Success stories

AI in IT infrastructure management

Leading IT Infrastructure Monitoring Platform Critical failures slashed by 5-30% Learn more

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Issue management for IT Operations

Leading IT Infrastructure Monitoring Platform Service ticket volume prediction with 70-95%accuracy Learn more

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Augmenting wi-fi failure root cause analysis with ML

A telco company from the US 98% accuracy in identifying issues Learn more

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