LLM Discovery Workshops

Building solutions with advanced Generative AI
Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT

How you will benefit from
LLM Discovery Workshop

Acquiring advanced GenAI tech expertise

Limited LLM & GenAI proficiency can hinder business growth. Our seasoned professionals will fill in the gaps and prepare you to make more informed decisions on how to integrate LLM solutions within your organization.

Unidentified business opportunities

With rapidly changing AI technologies and emerging new solutions, potential business opportunities may often go unrecognized. Our experts will help you discover opportunities for innovation and growth suited to your business.

A deeper understanding of industry trends

Gaining insights into the market empowers you with a clear perspective on what your industry peers are doing. Armed with this knowledge, you can align your actions to stay at the forefront of your business sector, ensuring you never fall behind the competition.

Workshop agenda

An introduction to Large
Language Models

  • what you should know about LLMs
  • why GPT is a major breakthrough
  • LLMs – capabilities and myths
  • LLMs and data privacy

Inspirational session
- LLM use cases

  • a comprehensive walk-through of use cases across various industries
  • focus on relevant use cases within your industry
  • discussion on the usability of the presented use cases

Uncovering potential
use cases for LLMs
within your company

  • generating ideas – using deepsense.ai’s framework to generate and evaluate AI initiatives
  • creating an effort / impact matrix, encompassing:
    • a high-level feasibility study of use cases identified for your company
    • an initial assessment of the business impact for each initiative
  • Discussing the key benefits, risks, and common concerns for your most promising initiatives

Your deliverables from LLM Discovery Workshop

Workshop summary with actionable insights

Workshop summary with
actionable insights

Feasibility matrix with categorization into high vs. low feasibility and high vs. low business value

Feasibility matrix with categorization into high vs. low feasibility and high vs. low business value

Comprehensive list of use cases for leveraging Large Language Models

Comprehensive list
of use cases for leveraging
Large Language Models

What clients say about our workshops


I really like how deepsense.ai’s workshop gave me a good overview of machine learning techniques and showed me how businesses use big data in general. It is a completely new way of thinking and the workshop introduces that very well.

Robert Wei
Software Engineer


We were very happy with the workshop. The format was good and deepsense.ai’s instructors were excellent as trainers: experts in the subject matter, obviously, but also good at conveying the knowledge. The participants very much enjoyed it.

Lambert Hogenhout
Chief Analytics, Partnerships and Innovation


My overall impression from the workshop was positive, the instructors were knowledgeable and also were able to draw on their experiences to give relevant examples during the discussions.

Nitin Navare
AVP Engineering

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