Team Augmentation

Strengthen your AI team with our experts

Diverse set ofskills and roles

Management, analytical and business roles included

High flexibility in terms of the
operating model

What we can offer

With over 100 world-class full stack developers, data scientists and software engineers on board, we provide effective staff augmentation for your AI software development

Team augmentation - Selection of rolesSelection of roles

A broad selection of technical roles, including full stack developers, data scientists and software engineers as well as leadership roles including PMs and scrum masters

Customized AI Software - ManagementManagement

Support for initiatives ranging from product development to R&D work

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The dynamic development of AI makes it difficult for companies whose core operations are not related with hi-end technology to keep up with the latest solutions. Cooperation with in team augmentation mode allows customers to maximize the potential of state-of-the-art technologies and focus on the industry-related aspects of building competitive advantage.

Example of the team augmentation model of cooperation

Team augmentation

We are flexible when it comes to the cooperation model. Our data scientists, data, and software engineers are ready to tailor to any specific needs and expand the technical skill-set of customer’s teams. Our people are equipped with the full tech stack required to help clients reach their milestones quicker, and ready to work hand-in-hand with internal business and technical teams.

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