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Our discovery workshops

Our discovery workshops approach helps customers prepare for and plan their AI
project success. By working with you to understand your business objectives, KPIs,
data sources and existing infrastructure combined with state-of-the-art AI
technologies, we build a plan that meets your specific needs.

Our discovery workshops are available across all our areas of expertise:

Generative AI discovery workshop

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Natural Language Processing discovery workshop

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LLMOps discovery workshop

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Predictive Analytics discovery workshop

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Diffusion models discovery workshop

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MLOps and Data Engineering discovery workshop

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Our training modules

First steps
with Data Science:

Python for data science

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Basics of mathematics for data science

Read more

Introduction to machine learning

Read more

Expand knowledge
about Machine Learning:

Time series analysis

Read more

Recommendation systems

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Introduction to deep learning

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Expand knowledge
about Deep Learning:

Natural language processing

Read more

Object detection

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Optical character recognition

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Get familiar with Spark:

Big data with Spark for engineers - basic

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Big data with Spark for engineers - advanced

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Big data with Spark for data scientists

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Why work with us?


I really like how’s workshop gave me a good overview of machine learning techniques and showed me how businesses use big data in general. It is a completely new way of thinking and the workshop introduces that very well.

Robert Wei, Software Engineer

Kyrus’s workshop provided us with a good introduction to data science. It was evident that the instructors are not only expert in the subject matter but also experienced in the practical application of the techniques discussed. We found the structured but still open-ended format of the workshop very effective in promoting engagement.

Jose Castillo, Research and Development Engineer


We were very happy with the workshop. The format was good and’s instructors were excellent as trainers: experts in the subject matter, obviously, but also good at conveying the knowledge. The participants very much enjoyed it.

Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Analytics, Partnerships and Innovation


My overall impression from the workshop was positive, the instructors were knowledgeable and also were able to draw on their experiences to give relevant examples during the discussions.

Nitin Navare, AVP Engineering

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