2020 - the year in review

2020: the year in review

Tomasz Kułakowski, CEO, talks about how deepsense.ai entered the new decade and dealt with the new business reality.

How do you rate the past year?

I won’t be original if I say that the past year has been full of challenges. From a global perspective, we can talk about the crisis, the interruption of supply chains and paralysis in many segments of the economy. However, the market uncertainty affected the IT industry to a lesser extent. Analysts predict a continuous increase in the value of services related to cutting-edge AI-focused technologies.

2020 has definitely taught us humility and perseverance. At the same time, we made sure that, as a company, we are moving in the right direction. Our business model, persistence in achieving goals and world-class expertise have together enabled us to proactively react to enormous market changes and flexibly approach the new business reality taking shape.

What are you most proud from the past year?

Unquestionably, I can say I’m most proud of the great responsibility and commitment all of deepsense.ai’s team members have shown. I have never doubted our team’s spirit, knowledge and competence. However, only crisis situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic are the real test. Today, I’m totally convinced that nothing is impossible for us.

My optimism is confirmed by the rankings. Last year, Robert Bogucki, CTO of deepsense.ai, was named to the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list of young visionaries. Moreover, our company was awarded an honorable mention in the big data ecosystem of the most impactful companies on the insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List for Q4 2020.

It is said that if a company survives in the market for 5 years, it will survive anything. We faced Covid-19 in our 6th year of operation. We not only survived, but as an organization also grew up at a much faster pace.

What were the biggest challenges for deepsense.ai in 2020?

The biggest challenge for us was convincing our clients that despite the uncertain situation on the market, it is worth continuing work on AI projects, as they will provide real business value.

It was also crucial for us to maintain team spirit and effectively work almost 100% remotely, without disrupting the company’s high level of customer service.

Continuing to invest in projects developed within the R&D Hub was also of vital importance. Many of our clients appreciated the fact that we continued our research and drew inspiration from a changing world.

What are deepsense.ai’s plans for 2021?

The year 2020 has confirmed that AI-focused solutions are the natural next stage in the development of the modern world. Improvements based on computer vision, natural language processing and predictive analytics enable the automation and optimization of various business processes. These will accelerate the pace of recovery from the crisis. Many of our clients have told me that if they had implemented AI solutions before the pandemic hit, the crisis would have impacted their business much less severely. Such insights allow us to set ambitious goals for 2021.

Approximately 85% of our revenue currently comes from the US and Western Europe, and we plan to expand our presence on these markets. We will also continuously invest in research on the development and commercialization of new technologies within the R&D Hub. Last but not least, we want to maintain our leading position in reinforcement learning research.

I hope the new year will bring deepsense.ai the opportunity to unleash the energy we’ve accumulated in 2020. That will mean finding more outlets for our creative and analytical powers in industry and research. It will also mean redoubling our energy and efforts to take on new opportunities the new year brings.

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