2021 - the year in review

2021: the year in review

Tomasz Kułakowski, CEO, summarizes last year and outlines deepsense.ai’s plans for 2022.

In 2021, business still operated in the “pandemic mode”. Was 2021 different than 2020 for deepsense.ai?

Nobody expected the pandemic to last this long. From a business point of view, in 2020 we did everything we could to endure this difficult time, with the great hope that 2021 would bring a return to the old, pre-pandemic reality. Meanwhile, another year of the pandemic has passed. It teaches humility and an agile approach to business development.

As far as developing the deepsense.ai strategy is concerned, in 2021 we started to take full advantage of all the opportunities brought by the pandemic. Paradoxically, remote work has reduced the distance between us and new, potential Customers. More Clients changed their perspective and realised that working with a partner from the other side of the globe can be as effective as working with a supplier from the same country. Not only that – with tools such as G Suite, Zoom, Slack etc. used widely by our Clients as internal collaborative tools, yet allowing seamless collaboration with us – we have become full-fledged team members. The outlook for deepsense.ai development has become even more global.

What are you most proud of from the past year?

In a way, I am repeating my answer from last year, because I am still more than proud of the People who make up deepsense.ai. The dynamic development of deepsense.ai is our common success and I am glad to see the constant enthusiasm and commitment.

I am also satisfied with the development of our portfolio of projects. In 2021 we grew by 55% and we won some new Customers – global brands – that trusted us in automating key business processes. Additionally, we have deepened our cooperation with existing Clients. I am pleased that our clients are increasingly thinking about long-term cooperation with us. For many, we have become not just an AI vendor for one-off AI implementation, but an AI partner involved in building competitive advantage through data analysis and automation.

Moreover, with the challenges of remote/hybrid work models and tech recruitment becoming more and more demanding, it has been increasingly difficult for some of our Clients to cater to their AI needs relying only on internal resources. I am happy that with our help, together, we were able to streamline new developments and jumpstart all the exciting projects that we get to do as partners.

The pandemic has forced a change in the approach to doing businesses in almost every industry. In my opinion, it has resulted in even greater openness to AI-driven solutions. Clients appreciate that thanks to cooperation with us, they do not have to waste time on long-term and costly in-house AI team-building. It enables the rapid achievement of visible results, crucial in times of uncertainty.

What are deepsense.ai’s plans for 2022?

We plan to continue our development in the areas of computer vision, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, through the implementation of both commercial and research projects.

We are looking at some interesting trends that might affect the future shape of the industry. I specifically mean the rise in importance of the MLOps field that signifies a growing maturity of the AI ecosystem. We are seeing a shift from curious experimentation towards mature pipelines and maintainability. This has aligned well with the emergence of powerful language modeling methods that will further widen the possibilities in NLP-based solutions.

I am optimistic about the development of deepsense.ai in 2022 and I already know that this year will bring us many interesting projects and challenges.

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