among top world experts sharing machine learning knowledge at GHOST Day- AMLC 2023 among top world experts sharing machine learning knowledge at GHOST Day: AMLC 2023

Once again, has become GHOST Day: AMLC conference platinum partner. As it does every year, the event is focused on the exchange of experiences between machine learning practitioners and, most importantly, an effective update of knowledge in the rapidly changing discipline of data analysis.

The 2023 edition will feature recognized representatives of the scientific community publishing at top-tier global conferences such as NeurIPS or ICML, and many experts from leading companies building machine learning-based products.

As a part of the conference experts will share insights on various areas of machine learning latest developments:

April 20, 2023: workshop “Large language models in limited hardware environments” conducted by Adam Maciaszek, Senior Data Scientist, and Szymon Janowski, ML Engineer

April 21, 2023: presentation “What do we learn by fooling GPT?” by Jan Kanty Milczek, Principal Data Scientist

April 24, 2023: presentation “New research avenues in sentiment analysis” by Iwo Naglik, Data Scientist

GHOST Day: AMLC 2023 is organized as a part of REUNICE project (EUNICE European University Alliance). REUNICE aims at promoting cooperation between universities, open science, and collaboration with the industry while having in mind sustainability. It puts high pressure on reaching excellence in education, research, and innovation through diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality. REUNICE responds to the principles of serving the global and local communities by building effective partnerships between science and society as well as creating a comprehensive involvement of the public sphere and the authorities.