contributes to open source tool PR-Agent contributes to open source tool PR-Agent has contributed to the open source tool PR-Agent. Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs), PR-Agent offers automated code review abilities. The implemented improvements were part of’s ongoing research on state-of-the-art applications focusing on automatic code creation through LLMs.

The core focus of these contributions revolved around providing the Local Git Provider adapter for the PR-Agent tool [1]. The Local Git Provider extends the existing portfolio of Git Providers, such as GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket, by emulating their interfaces locally. This integration enables the PR Agent to interact with a local git repository in a manner similar to how it would handle a Pull/Merge request. Introducing the capability to utilize PR-Agent locally expands the tool’s range of applications.

In addition to this contribution, we have provided support for PR-Agent through minor enhancements such as bug fixes [2] and adding the option to install the tool as a pip package [3].’s involvement has enriched the PR-Agent functionality, which resulted in several benefits including the following:

  • the tool has become accessible to developers who store their code on hosting services that are not yet supported,

  • the implemented adapter allows for code review prior to pushing changes to a remote repository,

  • our support has simplified the integration of PR-Agent as a module within larger workflows. remains committed to sharing its AI expertise and contributing to open-source projects. Substantial contributions are in the pipeline, and the upcoming target project is poised for release in the near future.


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