researcher to present papers at NeurIPS 2021

Congratulations go out to Piotr Miłoś – Senior Researcher at – and the AWARElab team on the selection of their research papers at NeurIPS 2021. It is the third time a researcher is to present a research paper at the NeurIPS conference.

In this year’s installment of the world’s most closely watched AI conference, Piotr Miłoś together with the AWARElab team, share their insights in the following areas:

  • Subgoal Search for Complex Reasoning Tasks. Authors: K. Czechowski, T. Odrzygóźdź,  M. Zbysiński, M. Zawalski, K. Olejnik, Y. Wu, Ł. Kuciński, P. Miłoś
  • Continual World: A Robotic Benchmark for Continual Reinforcement Learning. Authors: M. Wołczyk, M. Zając, R. Pascanu, Ł. Kuciński, P. Miłoś
  • Catalytic Role of Noise and Necessity of Inductive Biases in the Emergence of Compositional Communication. Authors: Ł. Kuciński, T. Korbak, P. Kołodziej, P. Miłoś

“I’m excited about all these papers. The subgoal approach lets us efficiently prove mathematical inequalities and solve challenging combinatorial tasks like Rubic’s cube. Continual World is the first benchmark blending the important fields of continual and reinforcement learning. Both of them are conjectured to be key in the long goal of developing truly intelligent systems. Finally, the study of biases has been an increasingly important topic in AI. Our work sets the ground for a better understanding of the emergence of structured signals. I’d like to thank my team for their great work, and I’m looking forward to new developments. We’ve already started follow-on projects!”

– Piotr Miłoś, Senior Researcher at

For 35 years, the NeurIPS conference – one of the premier gatherings in artificial intelligence and machine learning – has been held at various locations around the world. The conference is organized by the Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation, a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to foster insights into solving difficult problems by bringing together researchers from the biological, psychological, technological, mathematical, and theoretical areas of science and engineering. In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2021 NeurIPS is the second to be held virtually.

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