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Company to support the design and development of contest platform for Marathon24 hackathon.
Marathon24 Hackathon, a pure Apache Spark company providing code-free data manipulation and predictive analytics, in association with CodiLime, Inc. joined forces to organize Marathon24’s activities and design the online collaborative “gameboard” that will be shared and updated in real-time during the Grand Final, to be held on November 28-29, 2015, at Warsaw University’s Library (BUW) on Dobra Street.

This is the 3rd annual edition of Marathon24 where almost 2,000 contestants from 58 countries came together to solve challenging programming exercises as part of the qualification round. The Grand Final will feature the top 30 teams or 90 competitors, who are under lockdown for 24 hours and whose work will culminate over a 24-hour survival bot game. The goal of the hackathon is to promote Poland among the best programmers around the world. Our partner, Warsaw University is celebrating its 200-year anniversary and will provide the prestigious venue: the main reading hall of the university library.

“I’m very excited about providing an opportunity to showcase young programming talent in Poland,” said Tomasz Kulakowski, CEO of “Looking forward to the opening ceremony where I will meet the finalists and witness the competitors in action and the game. This is what it’s all about. My team has put in a lot of effort and hard work to make this edition the most spectacular. Seeing the fruit of their labor will be very important to me.”

Many members of the management and core development teams are former hackathon winners (ACM ICPC, Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup and others). “As a former competitor, it gives me great pleasure to support the younger generation of programmers, which is a higher purpose at,” stated Piotr Niedzwiedz, CTO of “The short period… crunchtime that is the general timeframe for the hackathon, highlights each team’s skill to collaborate intensively and their ability to roll with the punches.”

Teams in the Marathon24 final will face-off against each other in three games during which they focus to design and build bots. To equal the playing field, a major restriction is the ban on external internet access. Teams take turns and micro-turns. Each of these is scored separately. The main goal is to come up with the winning solution and gain the highest possible score.

Entry was open to anyone with no age or professional background limitations. Participants were required to work on teams of three. This year’s edition will be streamed live.

The latest information on the Marathon24 Warsaw 2015, powered by is available in the following online channels:
Official website: Marathon24
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About Marathon24
Marathon24 Warsaw 2015, powered by, is one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious team programming contests attracting top coders from all around the world. An open formula of the contest allows all the programmers to join and compete against one another regardless of their age, educational background or professional experience. The competition consists of two stages. In the online qualifying round, registered teams of three, compete to find themselves among the Top30 who will be invited to the final stage. The Grand Final lasts continuously for 24 hours and in 2015 will be held in Warsaw University’s Library.

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