to feature Seahorse Community Edition on the Trusted Analytics Platform developed by Intel to feature Seahorse Community Edition on the Trusted Analytics Platform developed by Intel

Trusted Analytics Platform cloud software stack with’s Seahorse CE full integration among the big data analytics applications., the creators of Seahorse Community Edition (CE), today announced plans to use the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP), a powerful tool for creating code-free Spark applications developed by Intel.

Seahorse CE is an open-source tool created by, it will be featured as an application in the Data Scientist’s Developer Kit available with TAP. Seahorse’s compelling value proposition is that it quickly and easily allows the user to take advantage of high throughput capabilities with stream data processing and very fast analytics by creating Spark applications without writing a single line of code. It consists of Seahorse Editor (an intuitive and reliable web GUI), Workflow Executor (our open-source application launcher) and an expressive workflow file format that enables the user to easily export workflows from the Seahorse Editor and execute them as applications in their Spark cluster. The first Seahorse CE release has just been launched during the Strata+Hadoop World Conference in New York.

“Using the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) Seahorse’s users can benefit from our open source technology, documentation and support in conjunction with Intel’s cloud infrastructure as part of TAP’s ecosystem”, said Tomasz Kulakowski, CEO at “Our custom Spark analytics tool will provide the data science community with improved model building experiences, visualization and predictions helping to overcome the challenges of big data and drive insights.”

“The Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) project is focused on enabling enterprises to accelerate the creation of cloud-native applications driven by Big Data Analytics,” said Ron Kasabian, VP and GM of Big Data Solutions at Intel. “With the integration of Seahorse Community Edition with TAP, data scientists will have the capability to design, train and easily deploy sophisticated ML models to production using a web-based code-free interface.”

For enterprises that want to create custom solutions using Big Data Analytics and CSPs that aspire to offer Big Data Analytics services, Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) is an open source software project that lowers cost of development and reduces time to market. It was created to be highly user-friendly with a minimum of development effort required, so that a client can plug in new tools from a variety of sources that can then be accessed by collaborators within one platform. TAP streamlines the process of assembling Big Data tools and automates the many steps required to build Big Data applications and publish them. Through open source contribution and collaboration on TAP, Intel aims to alleviate the burdens of data scientists and better serve them by connecting the entire community of developers and data scientists who are solving the same problems.

To learn more about Seahorse CE visit the product page: Seahorse
To learn more about the Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) project: Trusted Analytics Platform

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