First place for in the AI Blitz 13 competition

First place for in the AI Blitz 13 competition

The team of Paulina Knut, Jakub Bartczuk, and Michał Zobniów won first place in the international data science competition AI Blitz 13.

The 13th edition of AI Blitz was focused on five computer vision challenges around face recognition:

  • Sentiment Classification – training AI to identify emotions from a face’s convolutional neural network embedding,
  • Age Prediction – building models to guess the approximate age of a person given their image,
  • Mask Prediction – identifying and recognizing mask type and bounding box from the image of a face,
  • Face Recognition – finding the target face in a collage of 100 photos. Some of the faces were artificially aged,
  • Face De-blurring – restoring blurred face images.

“We love taking part in data science competitions, because it’s always a great opportunity to develop new skills and challenge ourselves. So, it was a pleasure to take up the AI Blitz challenge, especially since real-world computer vision is extremely close to us,”
– Paulina Knut, Senior Data Scientist at

The competition ran for two weeks and the final leaderboard was calculated by the weighted mean of the rank across all the problems in the contest.

“I think that the agile approach helped us maintain the leading position in the competition. We tried to quickly and creatively apply models for all five challenges. It was both fun and a good experience for us for the future,”
– Jakub Bartczuk, Data Scientist at

AI Blitz started as a beginner-friendly challenge to help AI students, professionals, and researchers across the world learn new skills by solving real-world problems. In past editions over 2600 participants have made more than 14500 submissions across several countries.

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