Looking back on 2022- a year in review

Looking back on 2022: a year in review

Tomasz Kułakowski, CEO, gives us an overview of what’s new in the development of deepsense.ai.

How do you rate the past year?
From a global perspective, 2022 was another challenging year full of unexpected events. However, from the viewpoint of deepsense.ai, we had already learned how to adapt to the volatility of the business environment and react in an agile way to such challenges. I would even say that in the face of such dynamic changes, we had a great opportunity to learn and develop much faster as an organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic had significantly accelerated the digital development of enterprises and last year many of them made decisions to implement advanced AI solutions faster and on a larger scale. Therefore, my assessment of deepsense.ai in 2022 is absolutely positive and I am proud of our achievements.

What are you most proud of from the past year?
We live in a world full of questions, where running an international business is a big challenge. I am glad that despite such changing conditions, we have been able to maintain team spirit and deliver state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. In 2022, our international client portfolio grew by 40% and revenue increased by 120% year-on-year. On top of that, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency named us as a Success Story of the Polish IT market alongside champions such as Blik and CD Projekt Red.

In addition to developing commercial projects, we have also focused significant  attention on impacting the global AI community through R&D projects. Our research papers were presented at the NeurIPS 2022 conference, among others, and we were once again amongst the leaders in Kaggle competitions. Moreover, our NLP team has introduced TrelBERT, a language model for Polish social media which has achieved outstanding results in detecting cyberbullying.

Last year, we also focused strongly on structuring processes and strengthening the organizational culture by formalizing the compliance policy covering such areas as diversity and inclusion, standards of cooperation with customers and business partners, sustainable development, and AI ethics, among others.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT job market has become even more global, so the fight for the best employees is intense. As part of our talent management and acquisition strategy, we have implemented diverse development programs, participated in industry and scientific conferences, and are active contributors to the AI community. I am glad that these activities have effectively developed our brand as a highly valued employer. This is confirmed by statistics related to our Summer Internship Program 2022 – we had over 2,000 applications for 10 vacancies.

Everything that I have mentioned above is proof of our success, but I emphasize at every opportunity that I am most proud of the amazing energy of the depsense.ai team – 120 people who drive a perfectly functioning machine with their proactiveness, creativity and expertise. I consider this amazing team to be the greatest asset of our company.

What are deepsense.ai’s plans for 2023?
Our plans for 2023 include maintaining high growth dynamics and gradually increasing the number of long-term customers. In order to consolidate our position on the international market, we have started to develop an international sales and revenue generation department. We are conducting advanced recruitment processes to find a new Director of Revenue as well as Sales Executives. The rapid scaling of our business, however, requires not only that we follow the latest technologies and build strong sales skills, but above all maintain the ability to build a motivated team.

In my opinion, the year ahead holds significant promise for deepsense.ai and we can count on maintaining these levels of dynamic development. I look at our plans with both humility and excitement.

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