Among the Best 50 AI Providers in CEE among top 50 AI providers in CEE ranks among the top 50 AI providers in Central and Eastern Europe according to the ‘TOP AI Driven Companies’ report. Read more! becomes the Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Partner of the AI World conference becomes the Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Partner of the AI World conference

AI World teams up with to produce a half-day Workshop on Machine Learning helping enterprises understand the entire machine learning market.
Spark Summit SF: Seahorse now available for IBM Data Scientist Workbench

Spark Summit SF: Seahorse now available for IBM Data Scientist Workbench, a Silver Sponsor of this year’s Spark Summit San Francisco, is set to announce that its Seahorse scalable visual data analytics platform is now integrated into IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench. During the conference, the Menlo Park and Warsaw-based Big Data science company will also share its machine learning team’s recent achievements in Kaggle competitions. takes center stage at Strata + Hadoop World conference in London takes center stage at Strata + Hadoop World conference in London

Palo Alto and Warsaw-based Big Data company will be hard to miss among machine learning industry leaders at this year’s Strata + Hadoop World conference in London.
CodiLime co-founder and CEO wins Poland’s top business award for Vision and Innovation

CodiLime co-founder and CEO wins Poland’s top business award for Vision and Innovation

Tomasz Kulakowski, co-founder and CEO of CodiLime, the sole investor in the Big Data science company, is the winner of Polish Business Roundtable’s 2016 Vision and Innovation Award. PRB’s Jan Wejchert Awards are the most prestigious prizes in the Polish business community. launches Seahorse 1.1 at Hadoop Summit Europe 2016 in Dublin launches Seahorse 1.1 at Hadoop Summit Europe 2016 in Dublin

The latest version of Seahorse,’s flagship Big Data product, adds new features and improved UI. presents deep learning and Big Data accomplishments at GTC and Hadoop Summit presents deep learning and Big Data accomplishments at GTC and Hadoop Summit experts to present Big Data and deep learning accomplishments at Silicon Valley and Dublin conferences.
AAIA'16 Data Mining Challenge Winning

AAIA’16 Data Mining Challenge Winning tops global competition for predicting dangerous seismic events in active coal mines. to Unveil Seahorse 1.0 at Spark Summit East 2016 to Unveil Seahorse 1.0 at Spark Summit East 2016

New product version and corporate workshop series target world’s premiere big data gathering of Apache Spark professionals.’s Data Scientists Help to Save Endangered Right Whales with Deep Learning’s Data Scientists Help to Save Endangered Right Whales with Deep Learning Wins Kaggle Machine Learning Competition to Automate Right Whale Recognition! Announces Marathon24 Hackathon Winners Announces Marathon24 Hackathon Winners

90 participants and Top30 teams competed in Warsaw for Marathon 24 Grand Final.
CodiLime, Inc. Commits to Spend $4 million as Reinvestment in

CodiLime, Inc. Commits to Spend $4 million as Reinvestment in receives a 200% increase in funding as commitment to satisfy further development of Seahorse platform in 2016. Powers Marathon24 Hackathon Powers Marathon24 Hackathon

Company to support the design and development of contest platform for Marathon24 hackathon.

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