Over 2000 applications for 10 vacancies - a wrap-up of deepsense.ai’s Summer Internship Program 2022

Over 2000 applications for 10 vacancies – a wrap-up of deepsense.ai’s Summer Internship Program 2022

As every year, deepsense.ai invited talented and ambitious students interested in internships in the field of AI to apply for the Summer Internship Program. From over 2,000 applications, the 10 most talented students were chosen to join our team.

deepsense.io partners with Hortonworks after participation at Hadoop Summit North America

deepsense.io partners with Hortonworks after participation at Hadoop Summit North America

deepsense.io and Hortonworks, a leader in the Enterprise Hadoop Solutions Industry, agreed on establishing a technology partnership and plan to expand it this year.
deepsense.io announces members of Scientific Advisory Board

deepsense.io announces members of Scientific Advisory Board

deepsense.io has just revealed who will support it within the Scientific Advisory Board. The think tank is created of people related to data analysis, working on various scientific and commercial projects all over the world. Among the members there are names with particularly huge academic output, like Jan Madey and Krzysztof Diks, as well as their students, finalists of informatics olympiads.
deepsense.io premiere: New Polish project to be presented to the world in June in the U.S.A.

deepsense.io premiere: New Polish project to be presented to the world in June in the U.S.A.

deepsense.io is a startup supported by CodiLime, a growing Polish software company. The main project being developed by the best programmers Poland has to offer is DS Studio, an innovative platform for complex Big Data analysis using machine learning solutions. This is precisely what will be presented at two large IT conferences taking place in June in California: Hadoop Summit and Spark Summit.

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