World premiere of Neptune –’s new machine learning platform for managing data science experiments

World premiere of Neptune –’s new machine learning platform for managing data science experiments announced the launch of Neptune – its innovative machine learning platform for managing multiple data science experiments. The premiere took place at the inaugural A.I. Conference (September 26-27) as well as this year’s Strata + Hadoop World (September 27-29), both being held in New York City.

Neptune simplifies the process of managing and monitoring machine learning experiments, freeing data science teams to focus on the substance of their work rather than complex and time-consuming organizational tasks.
Neptune –’s new machine learning platform for managing data science experiments
Neptune was originally developed as an in-house tool to assist’s award-winning machine learning team in its work on complex data science projects. Neptune’s powerful Web UI and useful for scripting CLIs allow teams to monitor long-running experiments and simplify group collaboration. With’s new machine learning platform, data science research and software engineering teams have instant access and control over each experiment. Neptune automatically stores the entire environment needed to rerun each experiment and its related artifacts for browsing and comparing, and each experiment’s execution can be monitored with real-time metrics and may be aborted at any time.

“In order to create a state-of-the-art machine learning model, data scientists have to conduct hundreds of experiments. Each experiment is related to different source code, depends on different input data and is run on different infrastructure. All of this makes data scientists’ everyday work very hard to organize and, as a result, highly inefficient,” explains Piotr Niedzwiedz, CTO at “That’s why we originally developed Neptune for our machine learning team. When we saw that it worked perfectly for us, we decided to provide its capabilities to other data science teams struggling with similar problems. And now, we are ready to introduce Neptune on the global market.”

Visit our blog to learn more about Neptune, and find out how to get your complimentary copy as a member of our Early Adopter Program.

Join us on Thursday, September 29, when Mariusz Gadarowski, IT Director in, will provide an overview of Neptune and its functionalities during Strata + Hadoop World, at 2:55 PM at location 1B 03/04.

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