Trainings Complemented Seahorse Strata+Hadoop World Launch Trainings Complemented Seahorse Strata+Hadoop World Launch

Two Spark and Machine Learning training sessions kicked off in New York held and organized by after sponsoring the Strata+Hadoop World Conference., the creators of Seahorse Community Edition (CE), finished a second round of Spark and Machine Learning workshops to help engineers and developers aspiring to increase their skills in Data Science benefit from a potential salary boost.

Last week, launched Seahorse CE at Strata+Hadoop World, the preeminent big data conference in New York. During the event, attendees were invited to benefit from 2-day workshops intended for engineers and analysts who would like to gain hands-on experience in the emerging techniques and technologies in Spark & Machine Learning. 23 participants were able to explore case studies, develop new skills through in-depth practical training, and learn about the emerging best practices in data science.

“At we believe that Spark will have a transformative impact on Big Data analytics”, said Tomasz Kulakowski, CEO at “Our supplementary mission to developing Seahorse is to educate the future Data Science community and provide them the know-how necessary to compete in the future, which belongs to specialists who know how to use the right combination of tools to extract insights from Big Data.” plans to hold the next two sessions in Europe, starting with London on Nov 26-27th; Nov 28-29th.
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