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Generative models - GPT and other large language modelsGPT and other LLMs

GPT and other large language models

Developing human-like tools for automating repetitive tasks and improving response times by converting NLP capabilities into solutions such as virtual assistants, content generation and sentiment analysis

Generative models - Diffusion models and generative adversarial networksDiffusion models

Diffusion models and generative adversarial networks (GANs)

Implementing various business applications including audio or image generation (text-to-image), transformation (image-to-image), as well as mixed solutions with language models

  • Generative AI R&DExpert-level support with large language models


    With the recent rapid progress in the field of NLP, many clients are becoming interested in using large language models in their business, but do not have the proper know-how.

    Our Solution has acquired extensive knowledge and practical experience with various language models both open-source and API-based solutions. For a given client’s business case, we can quickly find and propose the best approach. Our end-to-end solution can be set up in both an on-premise environment and in the cloud.


    In a matter of weeks, we can develop a proof-of-concept solution to a business problem, ready for further development and productization.

    CASE STUDY 1 Expert-level support with Large Language Models
  • Generative AI R&DLowering the cost of using large language models


    Large language models are becoming increasingly good at performing NLP tasks, but quality comes at the cost of purchasing powerful hardware, paying for cloud-based services or using a paid API.

    Our Solution

    We provide expertise in memory optimization techniques based on the parallelization of computations across multiple GPUs, including data, pipeline and tensor parallelism. These state-of-the-art techniques can be applied in the clients’ infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud, allowing you to leverage the cutting-edge large language models technology at lower cost.


    We have knowledge on how to adjust and deploy large language models at a lower cost, under limited hardware conditions.

    CASE STUDY 2 Lowering the cost of using Large Language Models
  • Generative AI R&DGenerating data with diffusion models


    Computer vision models require large amounts of data to perform well. Unfortunately, in many business cases, the amount of available data is very limited. Small datasets may be due to the high cost of data collection, privacy concerns, or the limited availability of data.

    Our Solution

    Impressive progress in deep learning generative models, such as Dall-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, make it possible to generate high-quality images. At, we have harnessed the potential of these methods to expand the training datasets – generating image data as well as labels for them.


    The data generated with the methods developed have been proven to boost the performance of deep learning models in tasks such as classification and object detection.

    CASE STUDY 3 Generating data with diffusion models
  • Generative AI R&DInteractive document exploration


    Business, legal and other kinds of documents can take a long time to read. Each document can give rise to a different set of questions. Asking someone to read it and provide us with a summary or a list of key points is not often feasible. Many open AI implementations do not always provide reliable and true information.

    Our Solution

    We applied large language models to provide an interactive chat interface to get insights for a given document, making it extremely easy to use. Within a simple interface, one can bring any document to our AI assistant, who reads it faster than a human can, and then provides answers to any questions – quoting the exact source. It can also look up certain information from the Internet to provide additional context.


    An AI assistant with a natural language interface is a cheap and best way to obtain fastest insights, saving time to ensure one can make a good decision within a short time.

    CASE STUDY 4 Interactive document exploration
  • Generative AI R&DExtracting information from unstructured data


    With a huge number of documents in the store, it is extremely difficult to extract the most important information out of them. To facilitate the process of understanding the unstructured data and more easily search for the answers to bother some questions, we offer a chatbot capable of doing both in an intuitive manner.

    Our Solution

    Documents provided to the application are indexed using the most recent large language models, which enables a deeper understanding of their content. We created a simple GUI to make the question answering process smooth and intuitive. After getting the answers out of an extensive set, the user might proceed to ask questions about a specific document only to get even more precise pieces of information.


    The system helps to extract the most important information from a wide range of documents and answer specific questions about them.

    CASE STUDY 5 Extracting information from unstructured data

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