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CUSTOMERA CEE leading fashion retailer

How we did it

The ability to measure internet marketing has helped to power the e-commerce revolution and online shops’ ability to deliver significant margins while keeping prices competitive.

The challenge

When optimizing marketing processes, accurate data is crucial to delivering better results, but companies struggle to get it. Even the powerful market-standard measurement tools can fail to provide what enterprise needs. Moreover, careless optimization not based on proper data can reduce the performance not only of the marketing department but the company as a whole.

The solution thoroughly analyzed the client's data in search of patterns and marketing insights to further augment its advertising strategy.

The insights we delivered following the data exploration are complementary with popular analytics software and provide a deeper understanding of customers’ online journey. The models provide recommendations on budget allocation with a special focus on enhancing the synergy between various forms of online advertising.

The effect

The solution helped the company allocate revenue for all traffic sources, divide it across five brands and 12 geographies and connect with multiple, online, offline and mobile touchpoints. The company now runs more effective campaigns and has reduced costs significantly, thus pumping up the ROI on its internet marketing.

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